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What do solicitors do when selling a house?

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Following are the steps that solicitors do when selling a house:

  • He describes to you that how the house selling procedure works
  • He explains to you which papers will be needed in order to avoid the delays in transaction
  • He deals with the process on the behalf of you
  • He gives you professional suggestions at every step
  • He deals with the solicitor of the buyer
  • He solves the legal problems

Papers needed by a solicitor when selling a house:

Following are the documents verifications that solicitors do when selling a house:-

Evidence of identity:

2 types of forms of identification are needed for the detailed information of the buyer.

Land title deeds:

These papers are evidence that you are the present owner of the land that is going to be sold. The papers also have information about the owners who previously own the land.

Forms of contents and fittings:

These documents are clear-cut and précised that what things will be involved other than the property. Every room has its separate data that which fittings will remain the same. Like; furniture, fridge, freezer, sheds, and fitted cupboards.

Land data form:

This form has all the comprehensive data related to the land and building. The form includes all the following data:
Where is the land, what are its boundaries, and who is accountable to look after the fences?

  • Any current disputes or previously complaints about the land
  • Notice of development for nearby land
  • Guarantees and warranties related to the land
  • Reforms of the land. Like adjust new windows
  • Insurance of the property
  • Any environmental risk to the land. E.g. flood risks etc.
  • Any other occupiers of the property
  • The land has utility connections. Like electricity and gas
  • Parking facility available or not

What do solicitors do when buying a house?

So in buying a house solicitor process the solicitor will guide you about the following things:

  • Describe the process of selling home
  • Guide you about the documents needed in order to lessen the delays in transactions.
  • Deal with the procedure on your behalf.
  • Advise you professionally.
  • Talk to the solicitor of the buyer
  • Solve the legal problems by employment law solicitors london , civil litigation lawyer london .

for more detail contact as:

London: 0208 782 3776

Luton: 01582 421 366

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