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What Solicitors do When Buying a House – Complete Process

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In England when you need to purchase a land you need to consider some legal procedure and normally a solicitor is being hired as your licit agent.

Buying a house solicitor process

Buying a house solicitor process include following steps:

Directing a solicitor:

When you are ready to make a deal it is a good option to involve a solicitor and want services like employment law solicitors london, luton, harrow, etc. After deciding the rate, solicitor of both seller and purchaser are swapped by the estate agent. The seller side solicitor would send your licit group the agreement pack that includes,

  • The information form of property
  • The form of fitting and contents

These forms gives the data related to the land like; if there are any issues related to the boundaries. And all the details of the things that will be involved in the selling. Like; the house will include the carpets, curtains and other things or not. The seller will also complete the forms and property title documents. If the land is on lease a copy of lease will also be included.

In buying a house solicitor process on your behalf your solicitor looks after all the paperwork. It is essential that you over look all the forms prudently and ask any query if you have at the initial stage. Until the stage 4 is finalized you have the option to change your mind and quit selling or buying with no licit penalties.


In buying a house solicitor process searches is the 2nd step. Your solicitors will takeout needed searches that involve a local authority search. They give the important data about the land that includes following things:

  • The boundary of the property
  • Disputes related to the property
  • Way of rights
  • Permission and limitations plans

Some other searches may also be needed but it all depends on the land and its locality.

Design an end Date:

In buying a house solicitor process it’s your hired solicitor work to evaluate the contract package, offered mortgage and local authority searches. If he/she found any problem they will bring that into your notice. For example:

  • The land you are buying is situated in a filthy area.
  • Main roads are being planned by the council nearby your land.
  • Someone has right of way on your property.

Communicate to your solicitor to suggest an ending date and negotiate a possible date after talking to solicitor of seller. Your solicitor will get in touch with seller solicitor and inform them that you are willing to execute the plan and deliver them your advance payment.


In buying a house solicitor process the solicitor will drag collectively all the concluding report, transactions and mortgage actions for you to be agree on that and sign the papers. The report will also give the final figures of amount you have to pay to the seller. The final property registry will be prepared by your solicitor. This is final look over that there are no changed been made to the property register. The signature papers will be exchanged thought the solicitor of buyer and sellers. And the deposited amount is handed over to the seller. After the exchange process you are all ready to buy the property legally.


The day when all the things are finalized and property is handed over to the buyer is called completion. And you became the legal new owner of the land. Your solicitor will pay the left dues excluding the deposit amount and get all the signed papers of transfer amount

Post completion:

In buying a house solicitor process the last step is post completion. If you have any mortgage the solicitor will send off your deeds to the seller. He will organize the stamp papers if needed. And he will send your documentations to HML and registry to the property owner. The time process of completion is 30 days.
In buying a house solicitor process the solicitor performs a certain role. As when you buy or sell the property the most common and first asked question is the name and detailed information about solicitor. As all your work is handled by them. So role of solicitor in property purchase is as follow:

  • Handle the contracts
  • Give the licit advice or suggestions
  • Do the local council searches
  • Dealing with the land registry
  • Transfer the amount you pay for the land

So in buying a house solicitor process it is very important to choose the solicitor wisely. Solicitors are mostly expensive. They charge more for their services.

What do solicitors do when buying a house?

So in buying a house solicitor process the solicitor will guide you about the following things:

  • Describe the process of selling home
  • Guide you about the documents needed in order to less the delays in transactions.
  • Deal with the procedure on behalf of you.
  • Advice you professionally.
  • Talk to the solicitor of the buyer
  • Solve the legal problems.

What documents do solicitors need when buying a house?

In buying a house solicitor process the following documents are needed when buying a house:

Evidence of funds and mortgage offered:

Before the exchange of the contracts you need to give the copy of mortgage if it is needed. Proof of other funds that will be utilized in purchasing the property. These proofs will be helpful to know that you are financially stable to buy the land.

Evidence of identity and address:

You need to provide the information about yourself. That who you are and where you live. Identification can be made through any of the document given below:

  • Up to date passport which is fully signed
  • Recent EU photo of driving license

For address confirmation following documents will be needed:

  • Present housing mortgage record
  • Most recent council tax bill
  • Bank statement dated up to last 90days
  • Utility bills dated up to last 90days
  • Recent EU photo of driving license

Any of these documents can be used as the evidence purpose of a person or address. These can be used for the single identity only.

For More Detail Call:

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Luton: 01582 421 366

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