Traffic Offence

Traffic Offences Fees

Hourly Rates:

Senior Solicitors £250.00 (plus VAT Per hour)

Solicitors £200.00 (plus Vat per hour)

Trainee Solicitors & Paralegals £150 (plus VAT per hour)

Writing a letter to the police

If you have received notification of intended prosecution we can try persuading the police to not issue court proceedings against you. The fees for this will be £600 plus VAT. If the police do not agree then court fees are NOT included.

Making written representation to the court also known as mitigation

We will go through the evidence against you and take your response to the allegations that are set out in the evidence before preparing written representations on your behalf to try and persuade the court to minimise the punishment. The fees for this will be £600 plus VAT. If the police do not agree then court fees are NOT included.

Removing a driving ban or early removal of a disqualification

This type of application is difficult and it is not easy to succeed in such cases. We will charge you £1000 plus VAT for submitting the application to the convicting court and arranging for an advocate (solicitor or barrister) of our choosing to represent you. If you decide you want a specific solicitor or barrister then there maybe an extra charge. You must pay all court fees that fall to pay and such fees are not included in our fee of £1000 plus VAT.

Making written representation in an exceptional hardship/special reasons argument

If you are at a risk of losing your driving licence we can prepare written submissions or representations setting out why the court should not disqualify you from driving. Moreover, you will be advised and assisted about what will happen at court. We will charge you £600 plus VAT for this but this DOES NOT include representation at court. If you want representation at court then there is an additional fee of £400 plus VAT for every court hearing if there is more than one hearing. If you decide you want a specific solicitor or barrister to represent you at court then there may be an extra charge.

Not guilty plea and a trial at court

If you decide that you wish to contest the allegation and want representation at court we will fully prepare your case for trial and do all that is reasonably necessary to ensure your case is properly and professionally presented. You will be represented by a specialist solicitor or barrister at court and if you are convicted we will also advise you about the merits of appealing the conviction and or sentence. The fee will be £1000 plus VAT. If there is more than one hearing then there will be an additional charge of £500 plus VAT. Again, if you decide to choose a specific solicitor or barrister to represent you at court then there maybe an additional cost.

If you instruct us to advise you in relation to multiple allegations, the court dealing with your case is in not local or we have to take your case on an urgent basis then fees quoted above will be increased but you will be advised of any such increase before we accept your case.

Dangerous and or Drink Driving

These types of cases can be and often are serious and complex both legally and factually in such cases it is not possible to fix the fee so we charge at our hourly rates as set out above.

You will be provided with costs estimates based on what is known at the time and such estimates will be reviewed as the case develops. Whilst no two cases are alike and will vary fees can range from £3200 plus VAT to £8,000 plus VAT plus the costs of a solicitor or barrister plus the costs of any expert’s fees.

Representation at court

You will either be represented by an inhouse solicitor or an external solicitor or barrister who specialise in the area of law that applies to your case. You will meet them at court usually although if you wish to meet them before the day of the court you must pay an additional fee for that.

In the case of dangerous driving, drink driving cases we would advise that you have conference before deciding whether you wish to plead guilty or not to make sure you are fully advised and aware of the law and likelihood of your defence succeeding.

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