Employment Law

Employment Law

Aman Solicitors Advocates Employment Law Department is well equipped to give employment law advice across all areas related to employment law, ranging from disputes over pay or working hours, through to unfair and wrongful dismissal claims in the Employment Tribunal.

Aman Solicitors Advocates Employment Law Department has experience of dealing with employers and employees and mediating between both parties. We are well versed in UK Employment Law and Employment Legislation. Our employment lawyers have the experience in trying to resolve disputes in an amicable manner.

Sometimes, resolution of disputes between an employer and employee are not possible, in which case we have the experience of bringing and defending claims in the Employment Tribunal. We have experience of representing both employees and employers. We appreciate the varied nature of expectations from both employers and employees and provide a tailored service to both so that each obtains the best advice and assistance throughout.

We have represented a vast range of clients from all walks of life and from various different industries, including a registered charity in Wales, a GP’s practice in south-west London, a well-established and successful multi-practice law firm based in East London. We have also advised a nursing home, a TV channel as well as individuals seeking to bring claims against their employers.

Some examples of matters that we deal with on behalf of employees are:

· Unfair dismissal cases
· Constructive dismissal cases
· Wrongful dismissal cases
· Maternity pay
· Working hours
· Sex discrimination
· Race discrimination
· Religious discrimination
· Age discrimination (from October 2006)
· Employment contract matters
· Redundancy (collective or individual)
· Equal pay
· Minimum wage

For employers, we deal with the same matters as for employees. However, we also offer employers extra services, such as:

· Drafting of employment contracts
· Advising how to make redundancies legally
· Advising how to avoid liability for dismissal claims, discrimination claims, and all other employment matters

For an annual subscription, we can also handle all employment matters on behalf of your company, no matter how small or large. The amount of the subscription will depend on the size of the company. Our packages can also be tailored to suit your needs.